Close the Washington Monument

Bruce Schneier has written an absolutely powerful essay in his blog, with the modest proposal that in response to the security worries at the Washington Monument, we should close it. If you haven’t read it yet, run, don’t walk, to his blog and read it. Then if you live in the States, write to your congresscritters, and ask them to reinsert the backbone which they have placed in a blind trust when they got elected, and tell the TSA that they have a new mandate; to provide as much security as possible without compromising our freedom, privacy, and American Ideals.
Read more... A web-based ssh key generator

This is so very, very, wrong — enough so that my first thought was, “this web site brought to you by China and the letters ‘M’, ‘S’, and ‘S'”.

I’m curious how many people were stupid enough to use this to generate keys that they actually use in production, but I’m afraid the answer would seriously depress me.