Real Live Preacher

This morning, having gotten up early, I found a great systematic deconstruction of the “Left Behind Series, courtesy of a pointer from . Definitely a good read (it’s in blog order, though, so you have to start from the end of the page and work backwards), and it’s kinda cool to find that there are folks who self-identify as being Evangelical Christians who aren’t at all impressed with LaHaye and Jenkin’s Left Behind series.

One of the links that found while reading was a link to a blog, Real Live Preacher. The blogger is a pastor of a Baptist Church in Texas, although I suspect most Texas Baptist Preacher-men generally don’t write commentary like this. He also wrote a great explanation of the story of the woman who poured a jar of perfume on Jesus. For those who like to be reminded that there are thoughtful Christians out there, I highly recommend taking a look at his writings.