It’s been a while since I’ve updated my journal, mostly because I’ve been insanely busy at work. So I thought I would jot down a few interesting things that have happened in the past week or so.

  1. I spent around $300 to get 2 custom-made suits (with two pairs of matching pants each), a sports coat, and several additional custom-made shirts and pants altered to fit the new me. This meant bringing in the waist by 3-4 inches and additional material out of the crotch of the pants, and bringing in the sides of the shirts and coats/sports jackets. (While I worked for VA Linux, I had some custom suits and shirts made for me during a business trip to Singapore, and since I’ve lost weight, the previously perfectly-fitting suits looked absolutely silly on me.) I also set identified and put aside a gigantic bag of clothing that no longer fits me, but wasn’t worth getting altered. So effectively, I’m committing that I am not going to ever gain back that weight and be as big as I was two years ago. I could have waited on adjusting the suit, actually, since ideally I need to lose another 40 pounds — but I figure that I can lose at least 10-20 pounds and still wear the newly altered suit, and if I really do lose that much additional weight, I’ll be quite happy to spend another $300 re-altering my suits again!
  2. I finally have my washer working again after my pipe-freezing incident. The last batch of plumbing work (to replace a split cold water line to the kitchen sink, and reroute the cold and hot water lines away from the crawlspace access door, to avoid future pipe freezing problems, and replace the split lines going to the washer hookup, as well as replacing the washer hookup itself) cost $1500. Then I found out that the washer inlet valve apparently had gotten damaged as well during the freeze. I did manage to figure out how to open up the washer and replace the inlet value myself. Go me.
  3. Laptop memory has gotten cheap. For a mere $312, I was able to buy a 1 gigabyte DIMM to my t40 laptop, which now sports a whopping 1.5 gigabytes worth of memory. This makes running Lotus Notes (using Crossover Office) and simultaneously using a GNOME 2 desktop and Mozilla much, much more pleasant. I am also extremely amused that I am running a CONFIG_HIGHMEM kernel on a laptop…