I might be able to get a pilot's license after all!

According to a friend of mine who is a flight instructor, people who can control their diabetes via diet alone can get their pilot’s license. Non-insulin dependent diabetics who take certain medications can still get their medical certificate, but it requires more FAA bureaucracy.

Given that six months ago, I was able to control my blood sugar to normal levels for two weeks without medications, and that since then I have lost another ten pounds, there is very much definitely hope that I can claim that I can control my diabetes via diet alone. (Well, I suppose that’s not quite true; I’m controlling it via exercise as well —- both weight loss and exercise have definitely been shown to improve insulin sensitivity — and the FAA regulations don’t say anything about exercise.)

I wasn’t planning to try the experiment of going off the medications again until I lost another 40 pounds and got to my goal weight, but this is definitely removes one of the reasons for my lack of motivation to resume flying lessons. Of course, I still have to find time, which will probably far more difficult problem to solve….