A good day….

Hmm, I haven’t updated my LJ in a while, mainly because I’ve been insanely busy. I pulled my first all-nighter on Monday in quite a while, working on a paper for the Usenix conference in June. Then Tuesday I was up until Midnight finishing up final version of the paper, and getting my taxes done and filed. (Thank goodness New Englanders get an extra day this year to file taxes due to Patriot’s day!)

Today, I recovered from the last two days, and start catching up on stuff which I neglected due to the short-term deadlines that had been keeping me busy. I also went to see a Dar William’s concert tonight in Club Passim! I was lucky, and managed to get seats right up front and center. She was amazing, and it was a real treat to hear her perform in such a small, intimate setting.

I managed to take some pictures of her using my new Canon S-40 camera. It’s really wonderful; it has enough sensitivity that you can take pictures with the flash disabled, and they’re still not half-bad. I can even take capture some audio samples to go with some of the pictures!

I can’t wait until the Canon D-60 which I have on order shows up. That will be even better at taking low-light shots without a flash….